Popular Novels for Helping Adolescents and Kids Interpret Alzheimer’s

When a family member develops Alzheimer’s, helping adolescents and kids understand what is happening is a challenge, but these novels about Alzheimer’s for youthful readers may be important resources.

One of the very heart-wrenching moments a parent can visualize is their kid asking “What’s happening to Grandma?” It may be painful for young individuals to understand how an older family member is experiencing dementia or memory loss and as hard for parents to explain it all in a way children would understand. Luckily, several outstanding publications are offered to assist adolescents and young kids learn about Alzheimer’s and assure them that they aren’t alone in coping.

Helping Kids Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

Because it is all too simple to forget lists of symptoms and facts, it is vital that you understand when it is time to initiate young ones to the idea of Alzheimer’s. Publications that give kids insight into the disorder can bring this challenging topic into their span of experience and understanding, as well as help parents direct discussions.

Books About Alzheimer’s for Young Readers
1. Still My Grandma by Veronique Den Abeele
2. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas
3. The Memory Box by Mary Bahr
4. Really and Truly by Emilie Rivard

Books About Alzheimer’s for Teenage Readers
Older kids and teens may reap the benefits of stories about characters who experience a similar scenario, as well as strengthen their ability to grasp the science in Alzheimer’s.

1. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner
2. Remember This by S.T. Underdahl
3. Pop written by Gordon Korman
4. What’s Happening to Grandpa? by Maria Shriver
5. Wherever You Go written by Heather Davis

If you are a teenager who would love to read a health thriller book about Alzheimers, it is time you met Tess. She is a 29-year-old physician who’s absolutely devoted to using her medical abilities to alleviate human suffering. Dr. Tess found the treatment for dementia. Readers will appreciate sharp, clean language as they get to know this heart-warming heroine.