Obesity: An Epidemic Among School Children

obeseObesity in school kids is a worldwide outbreak.

Fact #1 – between 1980 and 1994 the percentage of overweight children increased from 14% to 24%, from 1995 to 2012, the increase was a dramatic 40%. And the trend continues to rise.

Fact #2 – Obesity in school kids is common among more wealthy families.

Fact #3 – Studies reveal that 70% of overweight youth have a minimum of one risk factor for heart disease.

Fact #4 – it’s a well-documented fact that the previously discussed health hazards may become more common as well as that 70% will become overweight adults.

Excessive snacking between meals, as well as too little exercise, are the primary offenders.

Who’s to blame?

— Parents… Fat parents… Ignorant parents? Parents that are role models that are horrible. Parents must maintain good body figures.

— Schools… What’re educating kids regarding the very best nutritional customs? Are they serving the meals that are right? Are vending machines accessible to support nothing?

Is It very rewarding to be situated close to the schoolyard with all the interest of soft drinks and superb sized high-fat snacks?

An excessive amount of TV, | Too much Video games browsing the web.

Possibly the blame for obesity in school kids is a mix of most, of the above mentioned.

If not to attribute, parents Must However Take Responsibility for their kid’s well-being.

This worldwide outbreak obesity in school kids isn’t going to go away. It’s also sad to be aware that it happens the majority of the time with the well to do families. All these are the people who should understand better how to look after their kid’s well-being!

The tendency of obesity in school kids should be desperately reversed, and parents have to be at the vanguard.