Children Are the Hidden Victims of COVID-19

In Queensland the police are about to reach 100, 000 public interactions related to domestic violence incidents this financial year. Many of these involve couples with children and have included several high-profile grizzly murders. Children are the hidden victims of COVID-19 coronavirus, despite the fact that this disease does not target their demographic. We, as a community, have tended to focus on the direct casualties of this pandemic and have, so far, glossed over the many indirect victims. Children are dependent upon the good will of their parents and carers, when it comes to their wellbeing and safety.

Parents Lashing Out at Kids Whilst Under Pressure

If the economic catastrophe is stressing out adults across Australia and around the world, then, the knock-on effect hits kids hard. An emergency visit to the dentist may be more than just a case of good oral hygiene. Parents lashing out at kids whilst under pressure are ensuring that children are the hidden victims of COVID-19. It is a moot point whether government’s spend on public relations campaigns visible on TV screens aimed at domestic violence in the home during the pandemic will do anything to alleviate the problem. It seems that the modern antidote to societal problems is to be seen to be doing something rather than actually doing something.

Education Does Not Stop When People Leave School

It is a good thing that we are, at least, talking about these black holes within families and households. The family unit is often pitched as the good within our moral compasses but there are, also, plenty of less than desirable family situations in Australia. Education does not stop when people leave school. Real learning never stops and all of us need to be made aware of this. Adults with kids are on the steepest learning curve of all in my experience. We need more open discussion about what being a parent really means and more acknowledgement for ongoing training in this sector.

The Australian governments higher education policy move to make humanities degrees double the cost of science degrees will not help make Australia a more tolerant and pluralistic society. What needs to happen is to make human right’s units mandatory secondary schooling requirements in this country. It is not enough to get a job and make money, we need Australian citizens to be so much more than this. Especially for the sake of our children and for the sake of their mothers.