What Is Core Energetics?

For those who do not know, core energetics is a system that was developed by John Pierrakos. This health system involves the precise integration of psychotherapy as well as spiritual development. In essence, it is believed to bring about awareness to the manner in which we tend to limit our energy flow and fashion defensive patterns in turn. Most of this are a result of past traumatic experiences (especially during childhood) which still manage to keep a tight lid on our inherent capabilities. This system enables us to view the world as a direct result of this blocked energy which definitely means that we can put ourselves in an excellent position of re-creating the same circumstances and relational dynamics that once left us very frustrated.

Core energetics and physical energy

body psychotherapyIt is important to point out that awareness is not only what brings about in core energetics. It also teaches us how to tap into our physical energy in a way that we can be able to effect lasting changes in our inner world while also be able to deal with the outward life experiences that all of us routinely face. You may like to consider it as a sort of body psychotherapy that empowers you to conquer any kind of mental and physical setbacks.

Working with the body is critical in altering our embodiment experiences. This is attributable to the fact that our defensive structures, ideals, coping mechanisms and other emotional responses are not just psychological in nature. But rather also deeply entrenched in the wellbeing of our physical constitution. Core energetics methods are able to open up our awareness to suppressed emotions. They are also noted for been able to engage our energy system in a manner that permits us to venture away from our “comfort zones.”

This goes a long way in opening up previously unknown inner resources, effectively expressing our creativity embracing our sexuality and deepening our connections with the people that matter most in our lives. Numerous studies conducted on the subject have revealed that body-centric modalities such as core energetics can be very effectual when working with a number of health issues. This includes depression, anxiety attacks and even sexual dysfunction. However, unlike most other similar systems, this one goes a step further, which is through its work with the profound levels of being. This can greatly alter well entrenched behavior patterns that may personify our characters.

What are the methods used in core energetics?

This kind of therapy attempts to unify the mind, body and energy. It does this by using bioenergetics workouts, certain breathing techniques, dance and other movements that can open up the body. Explorations that identify energy defenses, touch and other hands-on methods, grounding workouts. Utilization of charge and discharge to channel energy flow, role play to mention a few.

What are the benefits of core energetics?

This type of body psychotherapy can unravel the “goodness” behind any destructive patterns you may have formed. It can also allow you to explore emotions in a safe and markedly mindful manner. It can permit you to release hindered emotions, while teaching you to have conversations with a large number of your body systems. It will enlighten you on your developmental process in relation to your current life. It will enable you to discover and penetrate your defenses to identify your heart’s intentions. Finally, it can allow you to explore, comprehend and also form the many facets of your own self.