Buying Baby Cots, Mattress, Safety Mats, Safety Gates: Tips and Reminders for Parents

babyAs a parent, one is always on the lookout for ways in which to keep one’s children healthy and safe from harm.The development of one’s children should take precedence over every other concern because only when constantly vigilant can one make sure one’s children grow up healthy, happy, and free from harm.The choice of furniture such as a child’s cot mattress or a baby’s cot and other safety mechanisms as safety mats and safety gates is one area where a parent cannot be too complacent.

When one chooses the appropriate gear and accessories for children, one can be sure that their development, their physical health as well as their mental well-being,is optimal. When a first-time parent, it is always a good idea to seek advice or help from those who know better. One must be aware of the standards of health and safety to practice. When picking out products for children’s use, one must keep abreast of trends and sources of information to guide one in selecting ideal baby cots, cot mattresses, safety mats, or safety gates to use for one’s children.

Cot mattress or baby cot compliant with safety standards

Keep in mind that not all cot mattresses or baby cots are created equal. The Department of Consumer Affairs in one’s state may provide information on product safety of babies’ or kids’ furniture, what to look out for and how to pick out such.These can easily be requested without too much fuss or delay.

Tips in picking out safe baby cot and cot mattress

Since babies and young children spend most of their time asleep, it is vital to know how to pick out babies’ or kids’ cot or cot mattress which can provide safe and sound sleep for them.

Carefully assess the measurements of certain parts of the cot. The space between its bars should be wide enough to allow circulation of air into the cot but not too big as to allow the child’s head to be trapped between. The safe gap measurement between the cot’s bars is from 50 to 95 millimeters. Any wider and it could prove a hazard for a child or baby. Another measurement to be taken into consideration is the distance from the base to the top of the cot which should be no more than 20 millimeters to avoid falls when the child or baby stands up.

Check that the baby cot has no horizontal bars or any surface that can be used as foothold to step up on or climb out by.As a baby grows, discovery and exploration are very keen,and although such surfaces may be seen as something of a novelty and thrill, these may pose as a threat to the safety of one’s child without care and supervision.

The cot mattress should be of appropriate size and firmness as to be comfortable and safe. There should be no more than 20 millimeters on the side or ends of the cot when the cot mattress is placed. One’s child may find his or her arms or legs trapped into any gaps wider than this.Alterations on the cot should be avoided. Strict standards are followed in manufacturing such products as a baby cot and cot mattress that changing anything on these may only prove harmful to your child’s well-being.

Do not use any extra pillows, baby cot bumpers, or restraints as they may pose a suffocation risk. When one has chosen the right kind of mattress, not too hard and not too soft, with just the right firmness, there will be no need for all other pillow accessories.

What to look for in safety gates

Presently, no Australian Standard exists for safety gates. So a parent must exercise extra caution and sense when picking one out before making the purchase.One should mind the instructions and warnings on the product,making sure to use the product only as prescribed.

A safety gate which swings open may be safer than one where there is need to step over. Safety gates which are opened with a foot pedal are recommended. The product is supposed to keep a child in, so it should take considerable effort to open it or else it would defeat its purpose. It should not be too simple as to open in one step. For instance, safety gates which require two distinct actions would be more difficult for a child to manipulate, thus, should be safer.

One should make sure there are no bars across or any mesh that a child can climb up on to go over the safety gates. The product should also be checked for any sharp edges or points where a child can be injured by. Also, keep an eye out for any detachable small parts which can be considered choking hazards.

Of course, one must have checked that the size of the safety gates chosen fits exactly over the space or opening where it will be used as barrier. Take note of the size of the opening and compare with the safety gates’ dimensions before making the purchase.

Choosing safety mats for your home surfaces

Safety mats are a great way to avoid slipping and falling on the floor. The use of such devices is not just for one’s children but for ourselves as well. When there are children in the house, it is unavoidable to have spills and other sort of substances on the floor which can trigger a fall.

Another purpose for the use of safety mats when one has children is during play, especially when toddlers or very young ones have just learned to walk.Children bruise very easily, and safety mats can provide cushy surfaces for them to play on to avoid such bruising.

Make sure to catch a whiff of the mat before buying it. Select one made of foam.Make sure it does not have that harsh chemical smell that is almost always a sure sign that the safety mat or play mat is made of PVC, which contains flame-retardant chemicals you want to avoid.

A safer material would be EVA. Some children’s furniture and accessory shops such as Nanny Annie’s have these at hand. They even have some in poly-cotton material. Your toddler may be spending long joyous hours on this mat, so it is best to choose wisely and safely.

It would do one to remember that, when it comes to one’s children, one can never be too safe.Buy your children’s cot mattress,baby cot, safety gates, and safety mats from stores you can trust.