Every family needs support, and there is a variety of services that offer your family along with you the knowledge and abilities you have to fulfill your child’s individual needs.

Every one of the following services uses a family-centred strategy and recognises the value of working in connection with your family, as well as you.

Regional Parenting Services

Regional Parenting Services offer group advice, instruction and intervention systems to parents. These services give you as well as your family a chance to participate in important, local parenting systems that focus on crucial transition points in the lives of your family, as well as your kid. One service is located in every one of the Section areas across NSW.

Family Intervention Services

Family Intervention Services raise social skills of kids throughout the delivery of consultation, counselling, skill development and instruction services including individual and group interventions and boost the potency of parenting behaviors.

Family services

Family Services provide a variety of tasks including outreach, assessment, case management, counselling, casework, in- group work, house support, brokerage and much more. An initial evaluation will probably be run with your family to find out precedence, the amount and kind of service you’ll need. Where there are sophisticated demands, individual support and longer duration will likely be offered as needed.

Family Services will be able to enable you to give your son or daughter a secure and safe, nurturing environment, from birth to 18 years old. Priority access is provided to families where threat signs are found. Variables comprise the existence of impairment, a mental illness, substance abuse, family violence, social and economic disadvantage, engagement with Child Protection or the justice system, risk of teen parents or family dysfunction.