Keeping Children Healthy and Happy in the 21C

One thing in life never changes and that is the importance of keeping our children healthy and happy. At a personal level, I hope, that parents are imbued with a driving love and nurturing instinct to care for their children 24/7. At a societal level, we need to support those parents and children who are economically disadvantaged, so that they do not miss out on that vital early nurturing. Neglecting any section of our population will only cause serious and costly problems down the track, as disadvantaged kids turn to crime and dysfunction to satisfy their needs as they grow up. Keeping children healthy and happy in the 21C is the number one priority we have in any society.

Nurture the Next Generation Now

In Australia, we have a serious problem with economic policies favouring the Baby Boomer generation at the expense of the next generations. Younger Australians are being locked out of the property market to fill up the already wealthy coffers of their Baby Boomer brethren. Coalition policies, always, favour the wealthier sections of the community, but the economic levers have been pushed too far for too long in the direction of this ageing demographic at the expense of opportunities for our future generations. Removing dangerous elements caused by inequality should be Australia’s prime objective in the 21C.

The Trickle Has Dried Up In the Drought

Nurturing opportunities for the young and vulnerable should be the governments first priority in the 21C. Education and care for the needy and the poor must be front and centre at all times. Australia and America are both run by very wealthy individuals, perhaps, it is too easy for these people to forget the poor and those that have left behind by the trickle down neoliberal economics. The trickle has dried up in the drought of stalled wage’s growth over decades, if it was ever really there in the first place.

This Gulf Dividing the Haves & the Have-Nots

The rich have got much, much, richer and the divide between rich and poor has become a Grand Canyon. Keeping children healthy and happy in the 21C is going to be harder if we have this gulf dividing the haves and the have-nots. Social media platform news feeds will only deliver the news that people want to see. Bad news about things like endemic poverty won’t make the edit. The unemployed trying to live on less than $40 a day will, likewise, miss the feed.