Music Education Can Be High Energy

Have you ever taught a music class? It is typically one of the difficult classes to keep students engaged. Indeed, if you do not have the right skills to pass the message as you ensure every learner is following, then you might be flogging a dead horse.

Look: you can keep all your music students engaged. You see, some students tend to lose interest so fast. Others will struggle to remain afloat. However, as the educator, you must utilize great techniques to keep all of them attentive. With that said, here are ways you can make your music class get engaged. Truly, music education can be high energy if you do the following.

Use Music that is familiar to the kids

Yes, you should consider using Music that kids can easily relate to like  the frenzied drumming of Junkyard Beats. If they like the Music you are using, then you will not strain to get their attention. This is one of the best and highly recommended ways to keep your music learners interested in your lesson.

You do not have to use Music that was used in the olden days. They may not be able to relate to it. You can try to ask your learners for a few suggestions on the kind of Music they would find interesting and make your choice from the ones selected. That way, you will realize that all learners are engaged in your class and are more interested in knowing a lot more.

Teach via Games

A class ought to be fun, and all the students engaged. To achieve this, you can make use of games in your teaching. Plan your lessons well, and use games to pass your concept. You will make the class more fun and in high energy.

A typical music lecture may not be ideal nowadays. You can get a great alternative that involves the use of games.  You will be amazed at your students find it good to work together and in an interactive manner.

Always Show Positive Attitude

Make sure you maintain a positive attitude throughout the music lesson. You see, if the learners find out that your attitude is pathetic, then the lesson will not be as engaged as it should be. Most of them might lose interest, and chances of achieving your class objective are rendered low. Thus, always approach your lessons with a positive attitude that even motivates the learners. They will find it fun and more welcoming to engage.

Make use of Technology

To make your class high energy, then you need to embrace technology. Many learners are becoming tech-savvy, and the trend does not seem to stop. This connotes that Technology will keep shaping most industries, including the music sector.

You should consider making apps and websites that can give you good songs and videos. For example, YouTube has been one of the best platforms to get dongs and videos. You can use it in your teaching.


You can make your music education better and very engaging if you make use of the tips shared in this article. They are all worth your attention and can even pin them or share with your fellow educators.

Teaching The Importance of Teamwork

Teaching the importance of teamwork early on can be very beneficial. Children love to play. They could do that all day. It is good for them. Physical activity makes them healthy and imaginative playing makes them smart. From tag, just jumping around to hide-and-seek, playing pirates or knights and fort building. Playing with other kids can be the start of teaching the importance of teamwork. Play is their way to let out all this boundless energy and imagination. Play helps them develop language, social skills and basic math. 


Teamwork would mean differently to a child depending on age. Toddlers don’t really care for it. But tell them you’re playing pirates and he will assign you a job. This is the start of a framework. This is where teaching the importance of teamwork begin. First, that he cannot always be captain. Make them take turns. Making rules, following those rules, taking turns can show them the benefits of compromise. Exposure to different roles in incursions, excursions and kids activities can show where their true skills and inclination lies. Playing with others they learn to share and develop kindness.


Patience is not a strong suit with children. This is where they will try to reason, negotiate and try to solve conflicts. Teamwork highlights their strengths and they learn self-regulation if things do not go their way. It teaches how to best make those individual strengths become cohesive and combine it to use in a strategy. Remember two heads are better than one. Most children will want to work on something once they feel that is partly theirs. And since it is not just solely theirs, they will care for it and be responsible. And as second nature, anyone not pulling their weight or being responsible gets called on. 


Eventually, one child will emerge as leader. This goes to the one they trust the most. The one they think would move the team forward and make them to become a better team. Seeing a goal completed or a finished task will give them a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence. That’s a step in the right direction. A step in building a happier child.

Our Kids Are Our Future

Our kids are our future, how many times have you heard that statement? If you are a parent this may make obvious sense to you. If you are young and without offspring, the import of this declaration may not be quite so relevant to your current perspective. Ultimately, we cannot escape from our biological imperative, which is to propagate the species. Everything else in life sits atop the chemical reality of our existence. Love is a behavioural response to hormonal changes within us, generated by things like sexual attraction and the nurturing instinct following childbirth. Ignoring these biological realities, when discussing these issues culturally is a mistake.

Too Ready to Deny Our Physical Selves

Too often I see dissertations on love without reference to the basis upon which it exists within us as human beings. We are all too ready to deny our physical selves and elevate our feelings to some pseudo spiritual peak. All of our religious doctrines and the later new age pastiche have aspired to teach us to live above our natures as biological animals. Perhaps, we can lay the blame at Plato’s feet. This desperate desire to see the soul and deny the flesh and blood before our eyes has blinded us to what it is to take responsibility as human beings.

Health, Education & Nurturing Love

Our kids are our future and they are human beings, not indigo spirits or any other romanticised vision. Building strong foundations of health, education and nurturing love, will serve our children best. Put away the poppycock of supernatural entities and spiritual mumbo jumbo. Healthy kids are balanced kids. We need to embrace the realities of biological life and stop shying away from life and death truths. The time for fairy tales and bedtime stories is over, for anyone over 9 YO. What they hear, must be understandable.

Miracles Do Not Exist

We owe it to our children to prepare them for the realities of life. Silly stories about things that didn’t really happen, do not serve their interests in the long run. Miracles do not exist, and people do not come back from the dead. There is no proof of any paradisiacal afterlife and there never can be. Feed your children good healthy food, the truth, and no nursery rhymes about religious fictions. Our kids are our future; and this planet deserves respectful, intelligent and compassionate beings to inhabit it. Honour your human beingness!